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Data Continuity (Backup & Restore)

Professional, affordable, cloud-based disaster recovery, for the ultimate peace of mind.

Data loss affects every aspect of your business. Trusting your important information to chance without a proper backup plan cannot effectively help you get your data back in the event of a disaster. What about other areas of your business, will things continue as if nothing happened?

Get a trusted and reliable disaster recovery system, complete with a customized recovery plan that will allow you to get any lost files back, and your business back on track fast! 


PC Guru DataSecure for business: Back it up and get it back. Then get back to business. Fast.


Safeguard your business from data loss today with

enhanced protection by DataSecure from PC Guru.


PC Guru DataSecure
*Cloud-based Offsite Backup for Desktops and Servers.

● Professional-grade Backup and Restore
● Low-cost and scalable
● Secure, reliable, and fast
● Scalable data costs
● Scheduled monitoring and testing of your backups

● Receive monthly backup health status reports
● Remote setup and maintenance
● *On-site and Remote Help Desk support ready
● No expensive or complicated licensing
● Minimal “footprint” and impact to desktop operation

*Conventional local backup options available. Call for details.

Just $10/month + 1 per GB.  
(for larger data stores)… $49/month.
To Purchase......... Call for actual price.
-Depends on data size required.

               Call now and save 15% off this or any new service! (626) 593-7055