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All-in-one protection for the entire officere

As a small business owner, you just want your technology to work.

Proactive Support to Prevent Problems: We start protecting your office from day one, beginning with our Secure Client Network. Imagine no more malware and virus infections, a stable computing environment for the office to work in, and most importantly, everything is safe from any disaster! Chances are you've already had an infection and know how much disruption and expense they can cause to your operations.

Building on this foundation, is our professional Service Agent software that includes our certified Anti-virus/Anti-malware, a complete cloud-based Backup and Restore system, Anti-hacker/intrusion detectionno more spam, and and other layers of protection, all without without slowing down any of your systems.

Tying everything together, we will actively monitor your computer network and systems 24/7 to identify and correct many potential issues before they become bigger problems, frequently before you even know there's something wrong. And you will even receive regular reports on the health of your network and systems, so you will always know what's going on.











Complete Office Systems Management and Security

● Anti-virus/Anti-malware
● PC Guru Backup (Data Continuity)
● Anti-spam
● Automated software updates/patch management
● Firewall enhancement with intrusion/hacker detection
● Asset discovery & reporting
● Remote device monitoring and management
● Regular monthly system status reports
● *Unlimited remote Help Desk support included
● No expensive or complicated licensing
● Minimal “footprint” and impact to desktop operation

**Up to 5 Workstations & 1 Server... $399/month.
Single workstation version available… $49.95/month

*Remote support provided during normal business hours and by scheduled appointment.
**Each additional workstation...$29/month. Each additional Server...$99/month

Up to 5 Workstations & 1 Server : $399.00 USD - monthly

Single Workstation Version : $49.95 USD - monthly